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Sunday 14 March 2010

Rare Weatherall 'Hidden Library 002'

In 2002 I didn't have a computer. I knew little of websites, email or mp3's. Partly this was out of choice. When I got a laptop through work the following year I realised what I was missing. But at some point in 2002 we were at my in-laws, and they had an internet connection and a pc. I started it up, and unsurprisingly one of the first things I searched for was Weatherall. The Rotters Golf Club website in those days was set up like a country golf club, with different rooms (ballroom, lounge, library and so on). In the library there was a secret panel, which led to the Hidden Library. The Hidden Library being a shop for 7" vinyl only, limited edition releases. They had some copies of one of the singles left. So, being new to the whole online ordering, I ended up accidentally ordering two copies of Hidden Library 003. This single will be posted at some point over the next couple of days. When my vinyl arrived I gave one of the copies to my friend CJ. At some point a year or two later he got hold of two copies of this single- Hidden Library 002, and gave one to me for my birthday. As far as I can tell, there was no Hidden Library 001.

So, this is Hidden Library 002, Andrew Weatherall and Keith Tenniswood, released in 2002, limited to 500 7" singles. The a-side has no name, just Hidden Library 002 a. You'll get the b-side at some point, and then Hidden Library 003 (Weatherall and Tenniswood as Jnr Poon, covering Robert Calvert's Lord Of The Hornets, with what may be Weatherall singing. It's brilliant). I know, calm down, I can see you're excited, but you'll just have to wait.



Ctelblog said...

Why oh, Why oh, why do I have to wait?

Swiss Adam said...

Good things come to those who wait. And I'm rushing- got a potentially shit week at work and tons of stuff to do. Willpost rest asap

CJ said...

It's great and available any where else on the web. I've no recollection of how I came by he two copies of hl2. But do recall reading an interview with audrey who stated he and tenniswood destroyed all 500 copies of hidden library 001, as spmething was not good, I'm hoping it was the tunes to demonstrate quality control rather than the pressing was poor. CJ

Swiss Adam said...

Should that be NOT available anywhere else on the web CJ?