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Sunday, 11 December 2011

Justice Tonight The Other Night

So it turns out that while we got The Stone Roses, London got Paul Simonon singing Guns Of Brixton and playing Brand New Cadillac, along with Wylie and The Farm, and Primal Scream chucked in as well. Good stuff.

Train In Vain

Guns Of Brixton

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Echorich said...

Wylie is still The Man! I bet he had as many goosebumps being up there with Jones and Simenon as I did watching him with them!
Mick Jones are two of the greatest Rock n Rollers I have ever had the pleasure of getting drunk with - Wylie wiped me under the table three nights in a row at the Limelight Club in NYC back in the mid 80's, while still engaging me in some of the most entertaining conversations I have ever had.
Mick Jones, for me was always the most approachable member of The Clash and was a really funny guy.
There is some music to be made between Messrs. Jones and Wylie - maybe someday we will get to hear it.