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Saturday, 10 December 2011

We Wanna Live

I always liked the post-acid house crossed with beat poetry records made by Sandals back in the early 1990s. Signed to Acid Jazz, produced at different times by the non-Weatherall parts of Sabres Of Paradise and one half of Leftfield, and over the twelve odd minutes of this head stomp of a single remixed by DSS, who if I'm not mistaken were The Disco Evangelists, a pseudonym for David Holmes. That list of names should not hide the fact this is an ace record.


acidted said...

you're so right

anto said...

i have tried to get me hands on this many times. many thanks. Your right about Holmes, he played it for the 1st time in public at a new3 yrs thing many yrs ago in dublin. the temple of sound. profound gas was the best one i thought

Swiss Adam said...

Profound Gas is my favourite now I think about it.