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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself

Here's one for that curious cover versions compilation/playlist you've been meaning to make- Sandie Shaw doing Sympathy For The Devil in 1969. Crazed and frantic, it's a million miles from the Eurovision stuff of two years before and the Smiths collaboration of the mid 80s. The album, Reviewing The Situation, also has a fair stab at Led Zeppelin's Your Time Is Gonna Come and a Donovan cover but this is the WTF? moment, if you'll excuse the young persons slang.

Sympathy For The Devil


Simon said...

I love Sandie and that album, but really that is the most ridiculous cover version. I do love it, but it's up there with Shatner's greatest hits. I love the way it just seems to get faster and faster. I always think it's going to explode.

There's a version somewhere by Sandie of Maybe Im Amazed which I think came from the same sessions. That's gorgeous too.

CM said...

Just bizarre. Not bad, just bizarre. Who thought this was a good idea? 'Hey Sandie, have you thought about this...'.
WTF indeed.