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Friday, 2 December 2011


I can appreciate the historical importance of the New York Dolls, the bands they inspired and the groups that formed because of them, but sometimes I think they're just, well, The Stones in women's shoes. Their trash rock, garbage glam, seems a bit underwhelming compared to their reputation. Maybe you had to be there. On the other hand the odd song by them works very well on a compilation cd or on shuffle. In fact at least half of their debut album is top notch now I'm looking at the sleeve- Personality Crisis, Jet Boy, Subway Train, Looking For A Kiss and this song, Trash.


Mondo said...

You've been pitching in with a fab run of posts lately Adam that are right up my R 'n' R boulevard..

It took me years to get the Dolls, But the key tracks: Chatterbox, Personality Crisis, Looking For a Kiss, Puss 'N' Boots, Don't You Start Me Talking are lipstick killers..

I saw them on the Coz I Sez so tour - proper raw and ragged rocking. Check out the early OGWT clips, then the Morrisey curated reunion gig and later the Jools Holland appearances they are better than ever..

Also grab the Heartbreakers L.A.M.F.- The Lost '77 Mixes with the extra tracks that are better than the main album

Swiss Adam said...

Dance Like A Monkey off the comeback album was ace. I was going to post it but seem to have lost the mp3.