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Friday, 23 December 2011

Too Late For My End Of Year List Post But This Is A Bit Of A Revelation

Looks like the good folk at Piccadilly Records got it right- 936 by husband and wife team Peaking Lights is stunning and is now at the top of my post-Christmas shopping list 'cos I've got to get this on vinyl. Home made sounding, tape deck technology, analogue synths, massive speaker rattling dub basslines, and the sunniest splashes of psychedelia and sing-song vocals. Go get it, it sounds great.

All The Sun That Shines


drew said...

After reading your post this morning, checked out you-tube and then went to Picadilly web site to put myself deeper in debt by ordering the vinyl

Adrian said...

It's pretty good. Try out "Pan Am Stories" by Rangers or Gnod's "In Gnod We Trust", not a million miles away from them.

anto said...

very good indeed. Of a similar vein is the new album by Jape. Irish dude.

Swiss Adam said...

Thanks chaps- you're going to cause me to spend more money I don't have.