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Sunday, 19 May 2013

Forty Three

It's my forty-third birthday today - I haven't got much to say about that really, it's just forty three- but I'm celebrating it here with a recent Weatherall mix, done for the Selector programme for The British Council, who promote British arts abroad. Sounds like a good job to have. This mix is what the word eclectic was invented for, opening with the old musical theme for Thames TV and then taking in some low key sounds, some folky tunes and some stuff from over there and yonder. Very lovely too.

1. Johnny Hawksworth – Salute To Thames
2. A Foggy Day (In London Town) – Dirk Bogarde
3. Mount Vernon Arts Lab – The Mandrake Club
4. Anthroprophh – Ende
5. The Unthanks – The Romantic Trees
6. The Durutti Column – A Room In Southport
7. Jah Wobble – Highgate
8. Belbury Poly – A Pilgrim’s Way
9. Phil Manzanera – Islands (Secret Fingers Remix)
10. The Deadstock 33s – Impatient For Your Love
11. Pye Corner Audio – November Sequence
12. Woodcraft Folk – Blok Flute
13. Sir John Betjeman – The Licorice Fields of Pontefract
14. Temples – Shelter Song

Weatherall contributes 'five songs you should hear this week' to Erol Alkan's website here, taking in Charles Mingus, The Monks, The Sensational Alex Harvey Band, Mad Man Jones and The Mighty Wah! Again, eclectic- we got it.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday and thanks for all the good work. And for today's random selection..Luca.

Walter said...

All the best to your birthday SA. Keep on the good work on your blog. Have a joyful day ... Walter

George said...

Happy Birthday Adam.

drew said...

All the best Adam and here's to many more!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday adam. here's to many more

dickvandyke said...

All the best Adam and here's to many more

Repeat to fade.

(See .. being 43 is just as you said - you're 43). Hard to get too excited. Rest assured though -we love you and are nice to you the other 364 days ayear .. which is far far more important.

Charity Chic said...

Have a good one SA

Echorich said...

Happy Birthday Adam!

mike said...

happy birthday adam.

Swiss Adam said...

Thanks chaps, one and all. Been out to Jodrell bank, then a brief walk at Alderley Edge followed by tea in the pub.

davyh said...

Well done that man and happy birthday! That mix looks splendid, so thank you.

Unknown said...

All the best for your Birthday. You're catching me up from fellow Northern Manc

niv said...

Happy Birthday - love yer blog!

londonlee said...

Happy birthday, kid.

Cynical Farmer said...

Happy birthday!

My current lover is 43, and for a girl in her 20s, the music on your blog has proved an excellent seduction tool!

Dirk said...

No internet all weekend, too much to do (garden/taxes), there fore a belated Happy Birthday, mate!

Simon said...

missed this, was off in London celebrating a mate's birthday and an early celebration of my sons birthday, which was the 21st. So, happy birthday for Sunday, hope it was a good one.