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Sunday, 1 September 2013

Saddle Sore, Dig Deep

By the time you read this (assuming you read this on Sunday morning- which you may not, it could be next Tuesday for all I know) I shall be on my bike with three friends (and 3000 other people), somewhere in the lanes of Cheshire. I signed up for a charity bike ride raising funds for The Christie and their work against cancer. The distance is 100 km- 62 miles in imperial measurements- leaving Wythenshawe park and out towards Northwich, Nantwich, Middlewich and back. I am expecting, not to put too fine a point on it, a sore arse.

I am now rattling my tin...

My friend David lost his wife to cancer at the start of August after a year long illness. Donations gratefully accepted for The Christie here.

You can also or instead donate here in aid of regular visitor to this blog, Yorkshire's very own Dick Van Dyke (Tony), whose friend Steve is running the Great North Run in September to raise money for Headway, a brain injury charity. DVD lost his wife Maria in January to a sudden, serious brain injury.

If you come here often and enjoy the songs, and maybe even d/l them, please give to one charity or the other.

Tin rattled, on with the music. This is a very fine mix from Justin Robertson, taking in Will Self, electro, techno, post punk disco, classic house and various points in between. Free download. See you at the finish line.


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drew said...

Hope your arse is not too sore. Working with the Christie on a couple of studies I can vouch for pioneering work the hospital does and the dedication of the staff.

Swiss Adam said...

Thanks chaps. I survived. Set off at 8.30 and crawled back in at 2.45. Thighs and shoulders painful but arse isn't too bad. Enjoyed the cycling cameraderie of the whole thing even if the last 20 miles were an absolute bastard.