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Monday, 21 July 2014

Eight Miles Again

Husker Du's version of Eight Miles High is just indescribably good, a 7" single worth its weight in gold. Blistering, white hot, ferocious, 60s rock meeting 80s punk, with Bob Mould lacerating his vocal chords and fingertips.

Eight Miles High

There are several live clips on Youtube. This one is Husker Du live in Camden in 1985. Astonishing, sheets of metal feedback from Bob and manic drum thumping from Grant Hart.

Live in 1987 at a Dutch festival from someone's collection of home recorded VHS tapes, slightly less manic...


C said...

Yes - excellent!

Scott said...

Great cover, they also do a cracking cover of "Ticket To Ride".

Erik Bartlam said...

This is piece of my own mythology. I had on a cassette tape called Seven Inch Wonders of the World...and it was my most prized possession as a teen. I killed more batteries with that tape than something that killed a lot of batteries.

There's one particular memory of this song that is always immediately available to me. We were "living" up north and I had gotten a job in the summer picking up rocks in a field. They just pop up from the ground. Hours of picking rocks out of a field and making them into piles. One afternoon my batteries died on this song...and I was adamant that I should at least get to finish it. I kept hitting play again and again...the last bit I got was a beat that lasted 30 seconds then..clickclickclick.

I was hatin' life.

Awesome clips.