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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Music's Not For Everyone Part Three

Those of you who have enjoyed Andrew Weatherall's shows for NTS radio will be pleased to see that part three (of four) has appeared on the internet. Part two had a heavy dub and krautrock/cosmische focus along with his own remix of Julian Cope's Dayglo Maradona and Bill Haley. Two hours on the player below so get stuck in while sitting in the sun. What, you aren't on a six week summer holiday like me? Oops, sorry.


Walter said...

Maybe it annoys some, that you almost post anything Sir Sabre publishes. However, I am glad about everything what you find and the most one is fantastic, Adam. I love the sequence when he sampled Seven Nation Army. Awesome. Keep on searching.

Swiss Adam said...

Thanks Walter. All part of the service. To be honest I put some of these things up here just so I can find them easily. If some people think there's too much Weatherall here, so be it,