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Wednesday, 23 July 2014


On the whole I think I shouldn't be a fan of hairy, lairy, 70s influenced regressive U.S. rock, but The Black Crowes song Remedy has a satisfyingly crunchy riff, some nice gospel backing vocals and, if it wasn't for the accent of singer Chris Robinson, it could easily be Primal Scream- who we have established previously, I am a fan of. Although their hairy, lairy, 70s influenced regressive rock is just as easy to be sniffy about. I don't buy into the whole guilty pleasures thing and maybe with this song I should drop my dubious principles and just say- good song. Maaan.



george said...

Guilty Pleasures. You're quite right, and now that you are firmly middle-aged you can say these things! Not sure about the song though!!!

drew said...

No such thing as a guilty pleasure, well as far as music is concerned but there are things that fuck up your cred, for me Las Ketchup and Whole Again are on the charge sheet but I'm now to old to give a fuck.

I will not go into the other things that I do consider a guilty pleasure!

Swiss Adam said...

Do tell Drew. Maybe we should revive the other blog

drew said...

I have tried SA but we get next to fuck all people giving a shit!