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Monday, 18 August 2014

JAMC Connections

The Jesus And Mary Chain have popped up in several places recently. Firstly, when they announced tickets for a series of gigs in November where they will play Psychocandy in full and some other songs. I bought tickets for the Manchester gig.

Secondly, on our campsite in France the family in the tent two up from us were from Dublin. The father, Michael, was a keen road cyclist and it turned out a Mary Chain fan. I can't remember how the topic got raised between us but it did. He went to the gig they did in Dublin a couple of weeks ago and told me how good they were. We then passed between us a recently published JAMC biography.

Thirdly, I got home to find a post by Scott at Spools Paradise where he is attempting to list his top ten albums and he's started with Psychocandy. A comment thread ensued and Drew chipped in to say that he thought about tickets for the Glasgow show but has decided against it, because they can't possibly match the intensity of the 1984-5 era shows. Which is undoubtedly true. But still, I couldn't resist tickets and Scott couldn't either.

Psychocandy is a one of a kind album and made a statement, drowning the band's Spectoresque girl band melodies in sheets of metal feedback. It is a blast. But I love Darklands just as much- the quality of the songwriting, the stripped back nature of the lp coupled with a slightly poppy sheen and the gloom of the lyrics make it Psychocandy's equal to me, just without the 'here we are' statement and shock factor.

Two songs today, the first from Psychocandy and the second from Darklands.

The Hardest Walk

Deep One Perfect Morning


drew said...

As you know I bought the vinyl box set, well paid for half of it and half was a present, basically for the Peel sessions on vinyl as I had just about everything else. I then complained to Demon as the cover started to come away and also to tell them the remastering of Darklands was pish and worse than my old well played copy. I was sent a new cover and told that they were aware of the mastering problem with Darkland. A few weeks ago I got home from Leicester to find a new re-remastered copy of the album waiting for me. Sent without me moaning at them, now that's service.

Erik Bartlam said...

They were inches away from being in my last post about dope and God...must be something in the air.

Anonymous said...

Hardest Walk is so so good.

Scott said...

I totally agree that "Darklands" is, in it's own way, the equal of "Psychcandy". Came as a bit of a shock after the intensity of their debut but showed what great songwriters they were. It includes many of my fave Mary Chain tunes. Good to hear that your fellow camper thought the show in Dublin was good. Not sure what to expect in November but really looking forward to seeing them again after all these years.

Swiss Adam said...

I think that's it really, nostalgia or whatever it's just going to be good to see them again. Neither me nor my camping neighbour have seen them since the Automatic tour, which is 25 years ago. 25 years FFS.

Scott said...

I'm not quite that far back, '95 I think was the last time I saw them in Glasgow with Drugstore supporting them. Still 19 years ago right enough.