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Friday, 29 August 2014


Weatherall techno week continues- stop groaning at the back, yes, I can hear you. I think this will be the last one, and these tracks weren't even on the tape I found but they would have fitted very well.

Switzerland were, I'm pretty sure but feel free to correct me fellow anoraks, Martin Price's post-808 State outfit. Sabres Of Paradise did three mixes of their track Inflight but they were never released, white label only. I don't know why.

I went to Switzerland once, about 12 years ago- a conference for medics and scientists dealing with the set of genetic diseases called lysosymal storage diseases or mucopolysccharidosis. Our son, now 15, has MPS1 and we were invited to give a parental perspective. Lake Geneva is beautiful. We took a cable car part way up  a mountain. On the Saturday evening I sat with an Italian geneticist and we smoked the biggest cigars I have ever seen. He got through the whole thing. I didn't.

Inflight Mix #1 has Bunnymen Cutter-esque style strings and a breakbeat. Mix #2 has rave keyboards, a chopped up vocal and a breakbeat. Mix #3 has a big electronic bassline and sax. All three are very good and I can't choose between them, so have all three.

Inflight (Sabres Mix One)

Inflight (Sabres Mix Two)

Inflight (Sabres Mix Three)

Edit: when I wrote this post I still had some bandwidth at Boxnet. Now I don't- you can listen to them but if you want to d/l you'll have to wait until Monday.


Dunproofin' said...

Really liking the percussion on these - breakbeats and that trademark sabres delay hits.

Swiss Adam said...

Dunproofin'- I've got some tracks by you.

martin said...

nice one adam, never knew about this and neither does discogs. Oh to have a few hours in the chairmans cutting room with a box full of CD-Rs, there'll be so much unreleased goodness!

mark@murmurresearch.com said...

i so want this...incidentally, i have an unreleased Sabres lp, on cassette, full of stuff like this, including a couple of the best things he/they ever did...he scrapped it, aside from Theme and Wilmot, to record what is now their first lp...i must get that cassette out and transfered on to something more robust

Swiss Adam said...

Mark- if you can get that digitalised I'm sure there'd be some people around here that would love to hear it.

Matty said...

Agree with Swiss Adam, Mark please get digitalising