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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Tribal Tone

Take two from the Weatherall/Techno Stuff cassette I found in the car the other day is this relatively obscure set of Sabres Of Paradise remixes released in 1993 and sounding very much of the time. Tribal Tone was by Ohm and big in certain house/dance clubs at the time. I don't know (or have forgotten) who Ohm were and the web isn't giving much away. The only information I can find on Discogs is that Tribal Tone was written by A. Watson. Sabres produced three remixes that all ratchet up the techno- Mix 3 is the pick featuring some steel drums and man-hitting-a-bin-with-a-stick bass drum. I listened to all three mixes the other day and enjoyed all three which isn't always the case with early 90s techno, some of which can sound very harsh to my 2014 ears.

Tribal Tone (Sabres Mix #3)

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