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Saturday, 23 August 2014


I've been uncovering and re-discovering bits and bobs by Dreadzone recently, which includes keeping an eye on the Soundcloud page of Greg Dread. Coming out of the ashes of Big Audio Dynamite they spliced dub with dance and made many good tunes through the 90s and into the 21st century, for a variety of record labels. Last year's Escapades album reunited them with Mick Jones for the single Too Late. This song has been posted by Greg Dread- Places, a beautiful tune and vocal, with some dialogue sampled from Harry Dean Stanton in Paris Texas (above with Nastassja Kinski). The cost of the sample led to it being removed from the released version- which is a shame as it works really well. I'm currently playing this half a dozen times a day.


drew said...

I used to mix that dialogue into tracks in the early 90s due to the whole scene being on the vinyl album.

Walter said...

Excellent SA! I agree that it's a track you can play again and again.

Dirk said...

Normally not exactly my cup of tea, these things, but this one is really good indeed!