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Sunday, 8 February 2015

Bass Can You Hear Me?

I'd been meaning to post this for a few days and hadn't got around to it, and then Ctel shared it via This Is My Jam which has prompted me to sort it out. A classic Andrew Weatherall remix from 1991 of Finitribe's 101, stomping, crunchy and good enough to eat. Bez in full flight on top of a hotel in Spain just seemed to fit.

101 (Sonic Shuffle)


Luca said...

Loud and clear!

Anonymous said...

Luca beat me to it

Luca said...

That's the advantage of being in a different time zone..

hterepka said...

This one! This one helped set me off towards Weatherall obsession. These days this track sounds like 'big beat' to me - electronic rock. So full on.

Incidentally I ran across the sample source for the "Bass... can you hear me?" The pitched down "bass" is in Sly and Robbie's Rhythm Killers, which makes total sense.

Thanks for the post Adam!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that- I had no idea thats where the sample came from.
Swiss Adam