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Saturday, 21 February 2015

The Small Hours Are Hard To Face

I've no doubt I will keep coming back to One Dove as long as I have the strength to lift the arm onto the vinyl or press play. Morning Dove White is one of the 90s high points, one of Weatherall's too. This was their poppiest moment, soft, sublime and enveloping- even Stephen Hague can't ruin it. It doesn't have as many of the gorgeous dub textures that are all over the album but it should have been a big hit. I don't remember seeing the video before, Dot and the boys miming in a pub/club. The bit where they get projected onto the pool table is a tad dated but no matter.


The Swede said...

The One dove LP was great, as were several of the 12" mixes from around the same time. I liked bits of 'Afterglow', but lost track of Dot's solo career after that. Any recommendations? I see you have a few more Dot/One Dove posts scattered throughout your back pages. I'll start there.

Walter said...

As The Swede said - the One Dove is a great LP. I bought it on you recommend and it was anything than an mistake. Thank you, SA