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Saturday, 28 February 2015

Rankin' Night Out

Tonight The Beat are playing at Sale Waterside, a ten minute walk from our front door. It seems silly not to go doesn't it? There are two versions of The Beat on the road at the moment, one led by Andy Wakeling and the other by Ranking Roger. We are going to see the Ranking Roger version. I'm not sure if the two bands are competing after a fall out or if it's a ska franchise thing. Either way the babysitter's booked and we get to do the middle aged skank.

In this clip The (English) Beat play Rankin' Full Stop at the gigantic US festival in San Bernadino in 1983, also the occasion where Mick Jones last trod the boards with The Clash.


Swiss Adam said...

Ranking Roger said hello to me outside the venue!

charity chic said...

Swiss Adam -friend of the stars

Swiss Adam said...

Friend of the skas

C said...

Hope you had a great time.
And that Face cover gives such a perfect little snapshot of June 1981, doesn't it?