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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

We Can Eat Salad

I'm joining a few recent musical dots again- on Saturday I posted Orbital's Chime. Orbital's epic and beautiful Halcyon had a backwards vocal part sampled from Opus III's It's A Fine Day (sung by Kirsty Hawksworth, a big hit in 1992). It's A Fine Day was originally written and recorded a cappella by Jane and Barton and released in 1983. Edward Barton wrote it while living in Hulme, Manchester and it was sung by Jane Lancaster (his girlfriend). A haunting little song.

It's A Fine Day

This is the wonderful rave-tastic Opus III version.


Singing Bear said...

I remember first time I heard Jane's original version of 'It's Fine Day' when it was first released; I was instantly taken by it's melancholic simplicity. I have to say I was affronted when Opus III added bells and knobs. Don't mess with perfection. Must dig out Jane and Barton for a spin.

george said...

I am sitting listening to this and my partner is singing along! I am quite taken aback. Usually I'm met with "what's that shite?"

C said...

Ah... I remember the original and then on first hearing this in the '90s, thinking, "Ohh...I know this! How come?!" before realising where it came from. I like both for different reasons... and I love Kirsty for looking the way she did... and having a cool dad!

Swiss Adam said...

George-a successful no shite day is a good day
C-she looked brilliant didn't she. My missus didn't look too dissimilar when I first met her.

C said...

Ah, SA, you must have a very cool missus!