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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Can't Wait

When Mick Jones parted company with the first line up of Big Audio Dynamite (Don Letts, Greg Roberts, Leo Williams) he shed quite a few of his fans. But BAD II had some good moments that went unnoticed except by the hardcore. In 1990 the band released Kool Aid, an album with a supremely ill advised cover. Even at the time, this didn't look good.

It certainly put me off buying it- I remember seeing it in HMV on Market Street and deciding to spend my money elsewhere, which at the time was not difficult. I caught up with both albums many years later. In 1991 many of the Kool Aid songs turned up in slightly different form on The Globe. Rush and The Globe were both good singles but the real sweet spot was Can't Wait/Live. On Kool Aid Can't Wait is half cooked. By the time of The Globe version it's gained a much bolder string sample, the house influence is even clearer, Mick's vocal is further forward and sonically it's just much better all round.

Can't Wait/Live


Dubrobots said...

I agree that there are a few hidden gems to be found in the BAD II / Big Audio era, but I can't say this is one of the ones that springs to mind. I haven't heard it in years, mind, so I'll dig out both versions and give them a blast

The Swede said...

I was definitely disillusioned when Mick broke up the original band and rarely touch any of those later albums. 'Can't Wait' sounds surprisingly good though. Perhaps I should take a deep breath and dig 'em out.
(Is it just me or does Mick look a bit like Martin Stephenson in that photo?)

Anonymous said...

It's difficult to get past looking at the track suit.
Swiss Adam

Anonymous said...

You had to be there? 1990 was about fields and clubs and fields again. Kool Aid was constantly in the tape deck on the way up and the way down. I was disappointed when I heard the Globe years later. Probably because I'd become a middle aged man and Kool Aid was the sound of lost times.

Should be kicking in by now,