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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Left Of The Dial

There can't be many bigger fans of yesterday's postee Alex Chilton than Paul Westerberg. In fact, he even wrote a song called Alex Chilton. Westerberg's 80s indie-punk  band The Replacements deserve a place in every record collection. Starting out as snotty teenage Mid West punks they (matured is probably the wrong word) eventually made several excellent albums, the pinnacle being Let It Be, a stone cold classic. They managed to sabotage their career on multiple occasions, through drunkeness, bad timing and bad luck. Left Of The Dial is one of their ragged anthems, a tribute to where on your radio tuner you need to go to find more interesting sounds.

Left Of The Dial


The Swede said...

Fabulous. The band are back in action I believe.

Swiss Adam said...

I think so. The best of a few years ago had two new songs on it.

Bovril said...

one of those bands i have heard of but never really listened to. really like this track.

Swiss Adam said...

There's a Best Of from a few years ago which is a good introduction Bovril.