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Sunday, 26 April 2015


Ctel posted this at Acid Ted last week. I have played it multiple times since. I don't know how much our readership overlaps so I thought I'd post it here too as it really deserves to reach a wider audience. Pearl's Cab Ride are a nine piece funk and soul band from Humberside. Mono Life is a musician/producer based in Yorkshire. In this just shy of ten minutes remix Mono Life sends Pearl's Cab Ride on a trip that takes in a bit of dub, some horns, heavy and wobbly bass, a stretched vocal and the second summer of love. It's a lovely, sprawling joy ride- that's not to say that it drifts or lacks focus- it's all worked out perfectly. It's like having your hand held while watching the sun come up, like the endorphin rush when being kissed for the first time. Sunrise even makes the Manchester Ship Canal look beautiful and romantic. This needs a proper release, preferably on 12" vinyl.


The Swede said...

Listened to this with my first coffee of the day. Trippy and delightful.

Pearls Cab Ride said...

Aw shucks thanks guys *blushes* check out the original track plus other remixes also on soundcloud

Simon said...

description makes it sound like the Scream's screamadelica track itself. I want to hear it now.

Anonymous said...

That's a good comparison Simon.
Swiss Adam