Unauthorised item in the bagging area

Tuesday, 13 September 2016


This is a song for late Saturday night or the early hours at some point of the weekend, somewhere hot and sweaty, rather than a Tuesday morning on the way to work. Rich Lane has done a totally unofficial Cotton Dubs remix of Kelis' Acapella, vocal pitched down and setting the controls to the heart of the chug.

And it seems I have never posted Kelis before- which surprises me because Milkshake is a absolute floorshaker.


C said...

This Tuesday afternoon is very hot and sweaty; this will do nicely!

Swiss Adam said...

Current weather status in M33- torrential rain, thunder, lightning, muggy heat.

drew said...

16 degrees, dull, wet and miserable. Come to Scotland it's fucking great

Swiss Adam said...

There's flooding in the city centre. Proper storm.