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Monday, 19 September 2016

America's Greatest Living Poet Was Ogling You All NIght

Back at the start of the year Iggy Pop released what may turn out to be his last album. Eight months later it still sounds like a good record and contains several songs that are as good as anything he's done for ages. It also sounds like a record he wanted to make rather than a contract filler or something to occupy some time. The lead song was Gardenia, opening with a great tremelo guitar part from Josh Homme and then Iggy's baritone voice comes in singing about Gardenia, a stripper he used to love/admire. The sound of the song harks back to Berlin period Iggy, mechanical and with groove The line about 'America's greatest living poet' comes from a time when Iggy and Allen Ginsberg spent an evening in gardenia's company, Iggy waiting decades to use this memory in a song.



The Swede said...

'Post Pop Depression' manages to sound as if it was recorded a few months after 'The Idiot' and is a fabulous achievement - easily Iggy's best album this century.

Swiss Adam said...

By some distance.

Brian said...

You two have been great champions for the new album. I imagine we will be hearing about it from many in our community come December.