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Friday, 24 March 2017

Always Sad

The new Jesus And Mary Chain album is out today, not words I necessarily thought I'd end up typing when I started this blog. I'm reasonably excited about the new album, tempered slightly by the fact that seven of the fourteen songs have been recorded and released by one Reid brother or the other in previous post-split incarnations- I've heard half of the album before, but still, new Mary Chain is new Mary Chain. This single from February is one of the new new ones and is good enough. Tomorrow night they're on at Manchester Academy and I shall be in attendance. Hopefully they'll still cut it live- they certainly did on the Psychocandy tour a couple of years ago.


drew said...

I am excited about this album too, strangely enough and even more so about seeing them tonight. Just hope there is no fannying about for radio or too short a set.

Swiss Adam said...

Hope it goes well Drew.

Brian said...

Here's hoping the show lives up to expectations. Thinking it will.