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Saturday, 4 March 2017

Not Numbed Out Anymore

In 2015 an enormous six disc Jah Wobble box was released into the world, more Jah than you can shake a bass at. One of the more intriguing tracks to my ears was a new version of his 1991 masterwork Visions Of You. The original, with its three Weatherall remixes, was an otherworldly adventure, an odyssey of groove, bass and music from around the world with Sinead O'Connor providing vocals. This version- and I've no idea when or where it was made or who the personel involved are- is subtly different, sharper and distinct. Not better, not worse, just version.

Visions Of You (New Version)


Echorich said...

Bass players have always been my focus in the bands I love. Wobble provided the sinister beat for PIL, and took World Music into ambient and artistic directions barely tread by anyone else. One of Wobbles best attributes is his belief in Dub, Version, interpretation. For him, once written, a piece of music deserves, even requires to be challenged, changes, revised, dubbed, interpreted.

Brian said...

An intriguing box set there, Adam. Missed that one.

Swiss Adam said...

Its massive and a bit daunting but worth exploring.