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Sunday, 16 April 2017


April 14th saw a load of Aphex Twin articles published across the net, in honour of his 2001 track Avril 14th. I had a vague plan to post Avril 14th but forgot about it so here I am, two days late.

Avril 14th

Avril 14th has been used in Hollywood films, sampled by Kanye West and streamed 38 million times. It is a beautiful, minimal piano piece, two and a bit minutes long, Erik Satie-like, that sounds like a robot has been left with a piano in the small hours.

This is Avril 14th slowed down by 1000% by Evan Chapman, twenty minutes of ambient noise.


Walter said...

Thank you for bringing this slowed down version back to my attention SA. It is still amazing after all the years.

JTFL said...


drew said...

Just had the required time to listen to this and I agree with the other two that is beautiful. Wow!

JC said...

Thanks for explaining the whole thing to me...I'd seen if referenced in a few places but had no idea why!!