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Monday, 17 April 2017

I Know I'm Kind Of Boring

I think this is the first time I've posted anything by a band from South Korea- and if Trump continues the way he's set out recently it may be the last time too. The Korean peninsula is in danger of being wiped out in by a nuclear exchange ordered by a former reality TV show host who has ended up in charge of the world's most powerful military versus the clearly barking mad son of a tyrant/traditional dictator.

Say Sue Me come from Busan and are about to tour the UK with Otoboke Beaver. They have their first release outside of South Korea out on indie label Damnably. This song, I Know I'm Kind Of Boring, is fuzzy, melodic indie rock not a million miles away from Kid Wave and I could listen to it all day. You can buy their album at Bandcamp.


charity chic said...

Worrying times Adam and the scary bit is that no-one seems that bothered

drew said...

They do sound a bit like Kid Wave but very good none the less. The hook reminds me of something specific but I can't quite place it.

As CC says, very scary. It just goes to show how much bad hair can affect you psychologically.