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Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Every Morning I Walk Towards The Edge

I was reminded of this song on social media the other day and it re-awakened the song for me. Hyperballad swoops in from somewhere else, from Bjork's imagination and Nellee Hooper's fingertips, picks you up and carries you off for a few minutes, somewhere else entirely. Not so much a song, more a force of nature. There's nothing ordinary, prosaic or run-of-the-mill about Hyperballad. Bjork's own explanations of it, about being a few years into a relationship and making it feel alive and 'the art of not forgetting about yourself' add to the song (sometimes when artists explain what I song is about I wish they hadn't bothered). The music sweeps by in a rush of rhythms and textures, brilliantly and beautifully.



Brian said...

I usually go for her first solo album, but I wouldn't argue if someone said this was her best song.

Anonymous said...

Exactly right Brian.
Swiss Adam

charity chic said...

Thanks Adam - that's my commute music sorted for tomorrow

JC said...

Yet another superb piece of writing.....

I'm with Brian on loving her first album but there's just something about this that has aged so much better than many other things.

"Not so much a song, more a force of nature"

Wish I'd written that line.

Swiss Adam said...

Thanks JC.