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Saturday, 22 April 2017


We are driving to London today to watch a friend run the London marathon on Sunday. He lost his wife Sarah to cancer four years ago aged just forty-two, leaving his three daughters without a Mum. He couldn't run to the bottom of the road a few months ago so doing twenty-six miles is a big deal. If you've got any spare change down the back of the sofa or in that jar on the side and fancy making a donation his Just Giving page is here.

We won't be driving back until Sunday evening so I doubt there will be any new posts here until Tuesday.  See you then. This is an early track from Battersea's finest, The Orb.

Tripping On Sunshine (Live Mix)


Walter said...

It is always sad to hear that people pass away in young ages. Hope your friend finds his very own peace with this tragedy.

Anonymous said...

It's great to read that you'll be there for your mate cheering him on all the way. Have done my wee bit via just giving link. All the best for the weekend....we'll offer up a toast in Gulliver's tomorrow night.

Anonymous said...

Swiss Adam