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Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Alberto Balsam

The weather's gone horrible. The political situation is, um, tense, with no guarantee of a good outcome despite the surge of the last two weeks. The view on the TV is depressing beyond belief. Time for one of Aphex Twin's most inventive and feel good tracks- Alberto Balsam floats by on a lovely warm synth melody. The rhythm track is stop-start percussion. I read somewhere that the hi-hat is a cigarette lighter being clicked, which makes me love it even more. Some of Richard D James' stuff is brain rattling techno and fried acid and some of it is aural balm. This is the latter.

Alberto Balsam


drew said...

Forton services, I've stopped their more than a couple of times on my travels.

It is getting increasingly difficult for me to keep up my sunny disposition these days, it's pretty bleak all round. And just heard that May is going to screw about with the Human Rights Act.

The Swede said...

My positivity is currently having a lie down in a darkened room in preparation for the next 48 hours.

JC said...

And to add to the doom and gloom, our good friend CC is having to deal with a particularly sad difficult set of circumstances just now.

June 2017 so far feels a bit like the early part of 2016.