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Sunday 4 June 2017

One Love

Just up the road from us later on today a concert will take place at Old Trafford cricket ground, where Ariana Grande and a host of pop stars will perform with all the proceeds going to the families affected by the bombing at the arena two weeks ago. The One Love Manchester concert has shown the best side of human nature- fair play to Ariana Grande for coming back so soon and bringing so many people with her- and also some of the worst- ten thousand people applied for tickets either they weren't entitled to (free ones for those at the arena gig) or to sell on at a profit. The line up includes Pharrell Williams, Justin Bieber, Take That, Coldplay, Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry.

A smaller scale fundraiser is taking place at the Deaf Institute on the same day including Marshall Jefferson, Mr Scruff, Graeme Park, Steve Cobby, Dave Haslam, Peter Hook and The Light, ACR, Denise Johnson, Badly Drawn Boy.

This city has shown what it's made of in the last two weeks (and I'm sure any other city would have done the same) and it's moving and heartwarming to see. I've been moved to tears I don't know how many times during the last fortnight. 


The Swede said...

I recently mentioned somewhere (possibly here) that the morning after the Manchester atrocity, a DJ on the radio played 'All For One' by The Stone Roses, a song I'd previously written off as trite nonsense. On that morning though, it reduced me to floods of tears.
I saw tickets for the Manchester One Love concert crop up on eBay for £500 each during the week. Just when you think humanity can sink no lower.

drew said...

I cant understand anybody trying to make money out of such a tragedy it's as abhorrent as trying to make political gain out of terrorism but it goes on, sadly. I just hope that karma is a real thing and to paraphrase Chuck D "they're gonna get theirs".

I hope that everybody attending both events today have the time of their lives and show that we will continue to do what we do without fear or turning on our neighbours.

Anonymous said...

and London's turn again last night

Swiss Adam said...

Yup. Thoroughly depressing. After France and Belgium bearing the brunt it seems to be us now.

Brian said...

Be safe, Manchester. Hate to hear about the tickets but pleased the show(s) will go on.

JC said...

It's no real surprise to read how badly this has affected you Adam - not only was it close to home but it impacted on kids the same age as your own as well as all those you're in daily contact with at school. I hope you were lifted a bit by the positive way folk in your city responded with such grace and dignity; stay strong my friend.

JC said...

Note to acidted

I can't imagine how hard it must be to try and bring up a family in London just now as it must seem a very scary place to a kid. It's terrifying enough trying to make sense of it all as an adult, but thinking back to how I looked upon Belfast as a youngster, I wonder how many families are being genuinely put off going to the capital just now.

Hope you and everyone are well.