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Friday 9 June 2017

For The Many

Getting up this morning to find that the exit poll which caused my jaw to drop several inches when it was announced at 10 pm last night was pretty much spot on was a wonderful feeling. I stayed up for a while but went to bed before it was clear what the result was. This morning's news- Theresa May's cynical bid for a personal majority completely scuppered, hanging on as the leader of a minority government was good enough on its own. The massive increases made by Labour, the collapse of UKIP, the high turnout especially among younger voters, the rejection by the voters of an entirely negative Tory campaign- these are the things that put a smile on the face. Having been on the losing side so often politically, Friday 9th June felt like victory.

With perfect timing, to celebrate, here's a new Andrew Weatherall remix, this time of Nancy Noise.

Non-UK readers- the man in the picture is Lord Buckethead.


Anonymous said...

yeah we are the Canterbury hard left! Ha. Nice result. nice balearic vibes from Nancy and Weatherall too.
greetings from the Canterbury Massive.

drew said...

still not got my head round all this shit. Who'd have thought that it would be the Tories in bed with the political wing of terrorists. Think I will go and listen to Dick Gaughan's version of World Turned Upside Down.

Swiss Adam said...

There's a lot to process Drew. Much of it unexpected. Exciting times.

Welcome to the Canterbury Massive!