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Saturday, 3 June 2017

Sunset Mix

This picture shows the sunset in the hills above Ulverston a week ago. This Steve Cobby Sunset mix, for Thump Magazine, is a bit special, chock full of his own work (original and remixes). Very much sounds for the summer.


Bushfarmer - Cobby & Arthurs 
Big Wow - Steve Cobby 
Babylon On The Hudson - Steve Cobby 
Templehof / Blue 13 -Steve Cobby mix 
Tonto Rides the Gain / John Kennedy - Steve Cobby Mix
Tumblefish / Cobby & Mallinder 
Teleseme / Steve Cobby 
Darren Emerson / Graceland - Steve Cobby mix 
Boule De Suif / Steve Cobby
Absolute / Cobby & Welton
Balearic Gabba Soundsytem / Gomasio - Steve Cobby mix
Tan Bello Que Duelo - Steve Cobby

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