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Thursday 21 September 2017

Low Frequency Oscilator

You could use all kind of superlatives to describe this record. Released in July 1990 it is a landmark British house record in the same way that Voodoo Ray is, a British version of a sound from elsewhere that could only have come from British bedroom and backroom producers fired up by the scenes of 1988-90. Warp Records was supposedly formed specifically to release this record, heavy on bass and bleeps, rattling drum machines and the voice intoning 'L.F.O.'. Warp would go on to release further great records in the aftermath of this one- Testone, Tricky Disco, Tuff Little Unit, other records by LFO- but they are all somewhat in its shadow. It was also a genuine hit, reaching number 12 in the chart (at a time when that meant selling tens of thousands of records).

LFO (Leeds Warehouse Mix)


drew said...

Truly a game changer and WTF moment when you heard it for the first time.

Echorich said...

SA - the first time I heard LFO, I was in a small afterhours club in Queens and I was floored - I thought is this Kraftwerk and Juan Atkins? I definitely thought this was a Detroit remix of some 70's synth track I just couldn't put my finger on. Massive, still...Massive.

Walter said...

I didn't listen to LFO for long time but will listen to them and other Warp artists the next days. This song is absolutely great and timeless. Thank you for bringing them back to my mind Adam.

Swiss Adam said...

My pleasure Walter.