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Wednesday 27 September 2017

Something To Remember Me By

Back in 2009 something most unexpected happened. I remember the moment I read something like 'you won't believe this', clicked play and the opening seconds of Sea Within A Sea came out of the speakers- a throbbing bassline , motorik drumming and some phased guitar sounds. Farris's vocal covered in echo. The second half of the song with the synth arpeggio part lifting it and then the building keyboard part. Eight minutes of glorious surprise.

Sea Within A Sea

The album that followed, Primary Colours, had other peaks too (Who Can Say is one the last decade's best guitar songs). After that I bought the third album, Skying, which hasn't stuck in the memory and didn't get the following one. The new album, V, is out now and the video for the closing song Something To Remember Me By went online yesterday. The song is synth-led, a black clad leather version of Moroder's pulsing sound topped with Badwan's confident indie/goth vocal. This is pop music, left of centre but direct pop music nonetheless. I like it.

The video has the band signing up with a company to have their bodily fluids extracted and turned into artefacts to be sold via the internet, including a green dildo. Which is nice.


The Swede said...

Like you, The Horrors are a band I dip in and out of. 'Sea Within a Sea' is magnificent and though I wasn't initially that keen on 'Something to remember Me By', heavy rotation on 6Music has won me round - great off-kilter pop as you so rightly say.

drew said...

I'm a bit undecided by what I have heard of the new one. It hasn't made me want to put it on my wants list.

Swiss Adam said...

I know what you mean Drew. Its on the 'buy it on cd if I have a spare tenner' list.

djJonSnow said...

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JC said...

Like many others, loved the early stuff and debut album. Latest work has had lots of great reviews but what I've heard hasn't convinced me - doesn't distinguish itself enough from lots of other stuff out there.