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Sunday, 10 September 2017

Various Artists

This 1988 compilation was the first to attempt to pull together on one piece of 33rpm vinyl what had been going on in Ibiza in the summers of '87 and '88 and which was then transplanted back to the UK. From its eye-catching front cover on in it is a pretty essential purchase, showing the broad church that acid house was at the start. The tracks range from Eurodance (Electra's Jibaro) to sympathetic indie (The Woodentops and Thrashing Doves) to industrial sounds that worked on the dancefloor under the stars (Finitribe, Nitzer Ebb) to the random (Mandy Smith, The Residents). This track, Drop The Deal, was from Belgium's New Beat scene, young Belgian crowds dancing to slow-mo dance music in dark nightclubs. Somehow it made its way to the Mediterranean. Code 61 sampled Jean-Michel Jarre and Harry Belafonte for Drop The Deal. To these ears, the slightly wheezy drum machine aside, this sounds surprisingly fresh.

Drop The Deal


drew said...

Still believe that the E's even back then weren't that good that you could possible think that Mandy Smith tune was anything other than utter pish.

Swiss Adam said...

We've discussed this before.


drew said...

That was nearly three years ago. I don't remember what L and I talked about last night. Not much as she was in one room watching pish TV while I got quietly drunk on OVD while listening to Motorhead and The Afghan Whigs.

Swiss Adam said...

Ha. Just another Saturday night in Lanark.
Similar here tbh.

Echorich said...

Love this album, warts and all. It's worth it just for Electra Jibaro. And it was the launching point for some important FFRR track to follow - most importantly to me another Electra release - Autumn Love (Future 3) remix.