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Thursday 12 October 2017

Are You Cast In My Image?

'Doubt and fear hang heavy in the passing light years---- until the passing form of the ranger centre appears!


We grow in your image!!--please translate us into penal section'

I'd love to explain what's going on here but I can't (so if anyone knows please put something in the comment box). Jack Kirby in full on, all the way up to 11, everything louder than everything else, Marvel psychedelic mode. Magical.

Lucy And The Mango Man is a fairly stoned psychedelic excursion that came out on Weatherall's Emissions Audio Output label in the mid 90s. It's by Is. The voice at the start is Lux Interior from The Cramps. It's a little less frenetic than what's going on in the picture but could easily soundtrack us sonic and sci fi adventurers as we cruise past by the giant hand with a brain in it, an eye on the wrist and yellow beams shooting from the fingertips.

Lucy And The Mango Man


KevM said...

Good track that. Hadn't heard it before but it took me right back. Reminded me of Weatherall's Jack Of Swords, The Box. Do you have that?

Swiss Adam said...

Yes Kev, pretty sure I've got the Box. will have a look.