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Monday 16 October 2017

I Love You Because You're Different!

I was going to give the Marvel thing a rest but I've got several great frames still to use and it's given the writing of posts a new lease of life for me and I don't ignore those kind of things when it comes to trying to find something to say every day.

Barry Adamson, a man who has played bass with both Magazine and The Bad Seeds, had several first rate solo albums and a bunch of soundtracks (including The Beach, Lost Highway and Natural Born Killers), has a new e.p. out next month- remixes of his Love Sick Dick 6 track e.p. Love Sick Dick was a kind of modern, urban blues for 2017. One of the remixes out next month is by A Certain Ratio.

Martin Moscrop, ACR's guitarist and trumpeter, describes the remix as more of a collaboration. ACR built up a new track, with drums, 303, guitar, keyboards and trumpet, dropping in Barry's vocals, chopped up, and the backing vox. The remix is tagged ACR:MCR Rework and the reference to their 1990 masterpiece is spot on. This sounds like a continuation of the sound of that record, lovely uptempo grooves with Barry's vocals on top and an extended funky end section. Very good indeed.

ACR have recently signed a deal with Mute and a series of reissues has started, with Good Together and ACR:MCR due next year.


The Swede said...

Nice one SA.

Echorich said...

ACR:MCR is absolutely what this collaboration is all about, rubbery bass, aciidic blips, and a stream of consciousness vocal narrative... blissful! This is tight and pulsing, and a very welcome vibe!!!
Let's have an ACR:MCR vol 2 RIGHT NOW!!!

Swiss Adam said...

I thought you'd be in favour of this Echorich.

Anonymous said...

cool. and good to hear about the acr reissues