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Saturday 7 October 2017

We All Get Hurt By Love

In 1994 Kylie went for some credibility- not that she needed it, everyone loved Kylie anyway- but she was fed up with feeling like a puppet in the SAW production line. Brothers In Rhythm were on board to provide some dance productions skills and she had signed to DeConstruction (then a pretty hip dance label). Confide In Me is a slow burner, opening with violin and piano. Sweeping Arabian strings and a didgeridoo join in with the indie-dance drums. Kylie does her thing. 

Confide In Me (Master Mix)

I've posted this before but it's worth a repost while I'm in Kylie territory, a Go Home Productions mash up of Kylie's Slow and The Stone Roses' Beggin' You. Slow is a great, sultry pop song and was co-written by Emiliana Torrini, an Icelandic singer who has graced these pages before. It looks like The Stone Roses have called it a day again- the poor reception given to the two singles and Ian's frustration with the others not wanting to do much work is one reason that has been whispered about. Another is the ever present tension between Ian and Reni. To be frank, after the Etihad shows it looked done to me anyway. This mash up is good fun.

Beggin' Kylie 

While I'm here, I always thought this 2010 single was a really good, classy piece of electro-pop too.


drew said...

She was brilliant in 1995 at T in the Park. I wanted to leave prior to her comming on but luckily was persuaded to stay

thing said...

I'd prefer No More Rain to All The Lovers as a decent pop number. Stil think Confide In Me is good though

Echorich said...

Kylie is "my spirit animal" as the kids say these days. She is the only pop diva in my enormous record collection and I don't see that ever changing... If working with SAW taught her only one thing, it was self preservation. That self preservation has seen her make some remarkable Pop music over the last few decades.

C said...

Somehow I missed this post but wow - the Beggin' mash-up is fucking fantastic! Thanks, love it (and I think you know of my love for Emiliana and her song-writing too)
I love K's look in those top two pics as well. Last year one of my good friends was going out with one of Kylie's 'staff' who's been working with her for decades (I'd better be a bit cautious here because my mate's not going out with him any more!) and got to meet her - I hear she is as absolutely lovely as everyone says.

Swiss Adam said...

Ooh, 6 degrees of separation thing going on there C. I'm closer to Kylie than I thought.

Brian said...

I met her fan club president when I lived in Japan. She was an Aussie that taught English in the same prefecture as myself. As you would expect, she was coo-coo for her, I can tell you.

JC said...