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Sunday 8 October 2017

The Junction To Everywhere

I've been posting some artwork on Twitter recently, frames from the golden age of Marvel Comics, (Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko era) with a distinctly psychedelic edge to them. The riot of colours, light and shade, the melodramatic language, the composition, especially from Dr. Strange and Fantastic Four, are all from way out in the outer reaches of the imagination. What I thought I would do here for the next few days is post some of the pictures with a song that the picture suggested to me.

The frame is from the Fantastic Four- 'I've done it!! I'm drifting in a world of limitless dimensions!!' says our hero, 'It's the crossroads of infinity-- the junction to everywhere!'.

The tune is from 2000, Marshall Jefferson vs Noosa Heads, remixed by Salt City Orchestra, and the long, trippy, deep house magnificence of Mushrooms.


C said...

Fantastic art, in every sense - great idea too, SA.

Anonymous said...

brilliant picture and tune