Unauthorised item in the bagging area

Saturday 28 October 2017


I've written before about Swedish producer Paresse and his slow motion, glacial tracks, landing somewhere between Balearic house and Italian disco via Stockholm. He has a new ep, Sloth Machine, out soon on Belgium's Eskimo records- truly criss-crossing Europe here aren't we? The four track ep has been led off by this one, Temples, a throbbing bass, some cosmic synths, plenty of atmosphere and a general sense of forward momentum.

The artwork, from 1896, is titled La Paresse. In French, a propensity to do nothing, a reluctance to work or make an effort. Lounging around on the bed with no clothes on tickling a cat would qualify. I guess it also explains the title Sloth Machine. 


C said...

Nice... and I like that kind of Eastern theme running through it. The artwork is right up my street.

Swiss Adam said...

The other 3 tracks came online today, worth looking for as well if you like this one. I thought the art might be up your street C.