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Friday 22 October 2021

Correction Discomfort Discord

Last year Justin Robertson and Sofia Hedblom released two songs as Formerlover, self styled 'sleaze dub enthusiasts'. The first Correction Dub came out on a compilation for Viscera- rattling percussion, dub bass, some phased guitar chords and Sofia in dominatrix mode on vocals, giving instructions and making threats and promises, 'tell me all about your inner feelings... write to me about your mama... tell me how you wanna sing my name... would you like to know me better? I said, would you like to know me better?... I'd like to lick your soul'

The follow up, Discomfort, came out last September. If anything Discomfort was even better than Correction, a perfect fusion of bass from Jamaica, rhythms from Nigeria, guitar from 60s surfers in California and slide guitar from the Deep South, all seemingly inspired by late evening strolls down Venice Beach. More psychodrama/ longing and unrequited sexual stuff from Sofia's subconscious spoken on top. Get Discomfort and the dub version at Bandcamp

Justin Robertson has made a ton of music as Deadstock 33s, two albums and plenty of singles and remixes. Numerical Discord Swap came out in 2017, a limited 7" single with buckets of acid house energy, juddering bass and bleeps and loads of bounce.

Numerical Discord Swap


C said...

Love these sounds from Formerlover. And the chair!

Swiss Adam said...

I spotted the chair at a print fair in an old industrial unit in Salford last weekend. A fried of ours was exhibiting and invited us to go before it was open to everyone else, a Covid safe viewing. The space, the windows, the chair, the light (not to mention the art) were all very inspiring.