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Thursday 21 October 2021

Set A Course That I Don't Know

This clip came  up on the ever- excellent @Birmingham_ 81 Twitter account yesterday, a birthday post for Norman Blake. Teenage Fanclub, on the way up, performing Everything Flows live caught by Snub TV's cameras in December 1990. Just watch this...

I mean, wow! Mayhem. Noise. Songs. Guitars. Drums. Kids losing it. Out of key vocals. Gloriously sloppy. Absolutely life affirming stuff isn't it?

Everything Flows is one of their best songs, a 1991 single and on the Fannies debut album A Catholic Education. It's got everything that made them sound so good- a group in love with the sound they're making, a yearning and slightly melancholic edge, loose harmonies, feedback. The recorded version is more controlled than the live one above but still seems to be at the edge of their capabilities (in the best way). 

Everything Flows

In 1995 they put out a four track EP of acoustic versions of songs from their back catalogue, one from each album they'd put out at that point. Gorgeously done stuff. 

Everything Flows (acoustic)


Anonymous said...

Love the Fannies.

Anonymous said...

(Should have chosen my words more carefully there)

Swiss Adam said...

It works both ways.