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Sunday 24 October 2021

The Broken Cradle

An album called Post Mortal wended its way to me from Greenville, North Carolina recently, the work of The Broken Cradle (Eric McLean to his family and friends). Post Mortal is ambient/ neo classical music, ten instrumental tracks with drones, gentle noise, found sounds, static, some piano and those warm keening, drifting sounds. Eric's influences- Nils Frahm, Brian Eno, Alessandro Cortini, Philip Glass- will give you some idea what to expect and all those words we use to describe this kind of music- reflective, meditative, contemplative, textural- are accurate. It's not intended to be melancholic but will hit those spots if you're feeling that way. Post Mortal, inspired by impermanence and mortality, is actually about being here and now. Lovely stuff, done really well and very autumnal. Opener Eulogy sets the tone/ tones. The album isn't out until early December but you can pre- order and get some of it in advance here

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