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Saturday 2 October 2021

Fictional Drilling

Bandcamp Friday happened again yesterday, a Friday once a month where Bandcamp waive their fees and the artist gets more of the money. As a result the consumer/ music lover gets bombarded with emails from artists they've previously bought music from, all offering new material. In the case of Pye Corner Audio  (Martin Jenkins to his mum) a one man music making machine delving deeper and deeper into some crossover between hauntology, rave and industrial,  tapping into energy streams located in the British nether lands. His monthly releases last year were uniformly excellent and always interesting. His latest offering is in two parts, drum machines and synths and sequencers combining to construct off kilter rhythms and queasy melodies and unexpected moments. And who could resist music titled Fictional Drilling? Not me. Get Fictional Drilling Part One and Part Two here. Name your own price.  

Here is Pye Corner Audio captured performing live, forty eight minutes of the dark stuff. 

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Khayem said...

I overindulged again this Bandcamp Friday and ended up foregoing Pye Corner Audio, promising to be back next pay day. It was your recommendation that switched me onto Martin Jenkins and his solo output and remixes for Andy Bell and I've really enjoyed both the music and the great track titles. This is no exception. I've just been listening to the live set - definitely needed some Don Letts dub goodness as a follow up (!) but I really enjoyed it.