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Saturday 6 November 2021

Dexter In Dub

The summer compilation from Brighton's Higher Love Recordings, the musical outlet for the Balearic Ultras, a twelve track sampler called Higher Love Vol.1 continues to reveal magic and treasures well into the autumn. This week's drive to work has been enriched by Higher Love Vol 1 and the standout (other than Jesse Fahnestock's 10:40 end of night tearjerker Kissed Again) has been this slice of euphoric, dubby acid house called Dexter In Dub by Perry Granville (a pseudonym for Brighton resident Dave Sibley). Dexter rides in on an undulating synthline and some whooshes. Rimshots rattle around and a distant voice whispers about dreams, just within earshot. Melodies that echo The Grid or Love Corporation in the early 90s are beamed in and an  organ takes up reins. Six minutes of bliss. 


Khayem said...

Spooky, by coincidence Jesse headlines my Dubhed post today, albeit his 10:40 remix of psych rock band Dirty Filthy Mud.

I bought Higher Love on the back of your previous recommendation and you're spot on, it's been a real salve for too many long drives through driving rain and general autumnal gloom. Dexter In Dub is a great track, amongst many on the compilation. Worth every penny.

Swiss Adam said...

That's a coincidence-doubly so because I almost did Dirty Filthy Mud today.