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Saturday 13 November 2021

Will We Ever Dance Again

Notts duo Coyote have been all over 2021 round here, from the release of their album Buzzard Country in April to the five song EP a month a later that finished with Cafe Con Leche, song that put a vocal sample at the centre of it looped over an acoustic guitar, some echo and percussion, a female voice saying 'when all this over, I plan to head north'.  It's difficult not to hear that as a response to the last couple of years isn't it? The song has been around me ever since it came out, walking the streets with headphones in, on CDs I've burned for the car, on the playlist I made for our holiday in the summer and on the sporadic mixes I've posted here. 

Their second album of this year came out at the end of October, nine songs that make up The Mystery Light. The closing track is the magical The Outsider, posted twice here this year already. The eight songs that wend their way towards The Outsider are a broad sweep of sunshine facing, laconic, open minded Balearica. Gently bouncing basslines, widescreen 80s production, twinkling melodies and cleverly deployed vocal samples. This one, Cami' De Sa Veleta is as good an example as any. 

The chronology of releases got a bit mixed up with delays at pressing plants but just as The Mystery Light appeared so did a two track 12" single that unashamedly flipped the slightly desolate female voice in Cafe Con Leche into something more positive and a world slowly returning to something more normal. Will We Ever Dance Again is six and a half minutes of uptempo Balearic piano house, with ascending synth lines, a thumping four four kick drum, laser intense squiggles and piano breakdown at three minutes thirty that will have you grinning/ gurning like a loon (well, it did me anyway). The flipside is just as dancefloor facing, a smiley faced mid tempo groove, more of those pianos and some lovely synth strings. 


Echorich said...

Balearic beauty! The Mystery Light has been on all day today while I try to stay calm packing up my apartment of 12 yrs. Copacetic is the track for me... Balearic meets Nude NYC. Friday's Child reminds me of walking along the Passeig de la Ribera on a late summer afternoon in Sitges - something I plan on making happen next summer!

Khayem said...

Another act (of many) that I have to thank you for highlighting, Adam. I've enjoyed everything I've heard by Coyote this year, whether remixes or original tracks. Given it's been another year without a family holiday or a proper sense of getting out into the world, Coyote has been a perfect soundtrack to alternative escapism in 2021.