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Thursday 4 November 2021

Original Cell And Outsiders

Coyote have released one of the best albums of the autumn, the long awaited The Mystery Light. I've posted the final track from the album previously, the beautiful and moving The Outsider (dedicated to Andrew Weatherall) with the sampled voice of Alan Watts musing about sane societies and outsiders, 'people who can deviate, who don't have to join in, don't have to play the game... it's the sign of an insane society that says everyone must join, everybody must work, everybody must belong... you don't have to join in, you don't have to play the game'

Meanwhile, as they waited for it to reach the front of the queue at the vinyl pressing plant, they've been busy on remix duties. This one came out in October, a remix of California's Projections and their debut release Original Cell. The remix is a sumptuous, bassline led groover, with vocal oohs and ahhs drifting in and out and a piano line carrying the melody. The strings come in, upping the ante. Warm dub/ disco/ Balearica, with a bit of drama and a more than a touch of euphoria. 


Walter said...

It is one of the most beautiful songs I listened to this year. And as you said - The Mystery Light should appear on my years end list. Thanks for introducing me to Coyote, Adam.

Swiss Adam said...

Glad you're enjoying it Walter.