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Wednesday 24 November 2021

J. One M. One

A 2014 Andrew Weatherall remix of Atari Teenage Riot, one of several from this point that shared a sound- a futuristic, slow mo chug, bassline to the fore, sci fi sounds bouncing around, lots of dubby space and then the arpeggiated synth part comes in. A long hypnotic groove. This was from around the time when Tim Fairplay was in the studio a lot with him, The Asphodells album came out the year before and the travelling A Love From Outer Space night with Sean Johnston was gathering pace- lots of cross pollination going on, sounds and styles being road tested and refined.

J. One M. One (Andrew Weatherall Remix)

Other than this and an Atari Teenage Riot remix of a Primal Scream's Miss Lucifer I don't think I own anything else by Berlin's foremost exponents of digital hardcore.

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keepingitpeel said...

Ah that's a name I can never forget - A...tari Teenage Riot.